Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition App Reviews

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This game is great, but I do have one question.

After finally finishing the game and beating titan all I have to say is that this is still one of my favourite games to play and it is easily one of the best games made for the mobile platform. I am wondering if the special edition will eventually become like the regular shadow fight 2 where there are boss raids and new demons, I would really like this along with many others. There is also a minor glitch where you can see the seals or the eternal sphere in the menu. But other than that thank you for making such a great game

Update plz

When I go into to upgrade or get a new move at the bottom of the screen in the menu it completely freezes

Needs update

I have played shadow fight 2 for a long time, and one day it got corrupted so I decided it would be better to play the special edition starting from level one instead. I noticed and was disappointed to find that this game is missing many of the features that make the free version great. There is no ascension or enchanting. It feels like a half finished game, with fights either being too hard or easy. I also thought that shadow fight 3 might be great, but turns out to be a cash grab. Sensei’s story is a joke, consisting of 3 fights per level. While I cannot deny how fast you progress, it leaves you with nothing to do in the end. Right now it is inferior to the free version, and leaves me infuriated because I no longer have the time and progress I put into the free version update and bring in all the new features and this game would easily a better version, but right now it is a waste of $5. I really wanted to like this game.

Annoying bug

Gameplay is good when it decides to work which is 5% of the time the other 95% of the time i am not able to get past the intro screen save your time and money dont buy


Why don’t enchantments have affect on any of the bosses??? That’s cheap yo -_-

This Is Incomplete

The game has most of the features from the original SF2. However, there are three things from the original that need to be implemented in this version. 1) Enchantments This was a feature that gave players a TON of variety. It allows players to apply enchantments to gear that had none, and it gave us the ability to have a bit more customization in our builds. 2) Eclipse Mode This was essentially the game’s “hard mode”. It gives players the opportunity to replay past parts of the game whilst giving them a fresh, fun challenge. Overall, Eclipse Mode gave the game plenty of replay value. 3) Raid Mode This especially needed to be in this version of the game! It helps connect players, and it made the game a lot more fun! Aside from those, another thing that should be included in the Special Edition should be a multiplayer PvP mode (local and online). The magic from the bosses (especially the teleport) and the sawblade weapon should be obtainable as well. Sorry if it seems like a bit much to ask for, but this “Special Edition” doesn’t seem so special when it is missing various features that the free version has, and it makes no sense for certain weapons and magic to only be usable by NPC’s. The game is good right now, but these things would make the game great.

Shadowfight 2

I love this game but when it comes to Titian, it’s beyond ridiculous. I have tried so many times to beat him but always come up short. I’ve understood his moves and what powers he has but it isn’t enough. I really wish there was an easier setting just so I can beat the game.

Good game bad service

The game itself is amazing but I had difficulty getting my gems when purchased and the app developer had never replied to my emails leaving me on the dark

Its really good but...

It needs support for iPhone X please and it earns a five star rating, everything else is as premium as it can get


I’ve played them all. Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Ninja Gaiden. Extremely hard games yet I bested them and can even say I’ve mastered the dark souls series. But c’mon. Titan is literally the worst final boss I’ve ever played. This boss fight makes dark souls seem like child’s play. I’m sorry I paid for a premium mobile game and all I got was a lackluster finish. I’m honestly not gonna finish this game because of how OP the Titan boss fight is. Breezed through the whole game only to be slapped in the face with a literal definition of a “hack boss fight” this guy literally has so many hacks. Anyways solid game, horrible final boss. 3 stars for being a fan of this game since its release but earn the last two by tweaking the final boss fight, or at least letting us level up as much as we’d like.

What to add

I defeated titan and now I only play survival. I wish you could fight the demons again for fun or have the underworld. I love this game but it’s kinda boring. Please add some adventure!!! Thanks 😁

It’s Lit



Not just an amazing mobile experience but an overall fantastic fighting experience


This game is totes adorns!

Best nekki game ever but REALY needs an update

Grate game just need more updates for online


This version of Shadow Fight 2 is spectacular. Easy to quickly advance, but the game has too little. We need the underworld part. We need to have the eclipse ability as well. The game is well and fun, but what do you expect people to do when they’ve beat the game. Come on devs. We’re waiting.

You need to update the composite sword

The composite sword is the best weapon but there’s a problem the sound when you swing it during a battle or in the dojo is broken it does not have that sound effect any more when you use it sometimes it works most of the time it doesn’t it might be a glitch just please fix it

It’s great!

I have a idea for you what if you could add a mode where the bosses have infinity health and you can play for as long as you want and it’s kinda of like a “how long can you survive type deal”

I love it but

I love this game but there’s a problem I get in the game it loads fine but then it freezes and after a while it kicks me out please please please fix it

It’s Cut Short

The game is just as good as the free version despite its many differences. However, the disappointing part about this one is that once you beat Titan, there’s nothing else to do. All you can do is play survival. There’s just not as much play value really compared to the other. Realistically, the cost is justifiable since getting gems is a lot easier and you can get all the special weapons you wouldn’t otherwise obtain in the other version without paying more. However, I don’t see this game being enjoyable down the line. You’d have to find a way to reset your progress to keep yourself from getting bored. Still a solid game from start to finish. I just don’t like the inability to replay your favorite bosses or replay anything at all other than survival once you finished the game.

Game is awesome! Just one flaw.

I love this game!!! The energetic is unlimited, senseis story of fun to learn, the gems are easier to get! But sometimes if I win a round it doesn’t count. I thought I beat butcher but this the win didn’t count and I had to everything all over again. But otherwise, it’s great!

Game is awesome but...

The game makes you restart all your progress even if you took forever to win stuff in the normal shadow fight 2. Other than that this is a great game!


Nice game worth the money

Special Edition is worth a second play!!

I loved it when it came out and I’m currently playing SF3 but this just couldn’t be passed up!! Worth 5 bucks.


The game is fun and all but when ever u beat the bosses u can’t do it again without the eclipse that makes it harder it’s just no fun and there’s no raids no eclipse no enchanting no fun at all in the game pls add them

Much better than vanilla, but weird

It’s much less of a grind while still having a decent challenge. The problem is, raid, eclipse, ascension, enchanting, are all gone. What happened here?

Needs an update

Overall, this is an awesome game. The content and the overall playability are some of the best I’ve seen in an iPhone game in a long time. However, I have this version and the free version, and it seems like the free version is more refined. There are many fonts in the Special Edition that are just simple generic fonts, where the free version looks nicer. The Special Edition is also still a little glitchy compared to the free version. I was also very disappointed when I found out there was no ascension mode, raids, or enchantments. These features that are included in the other version give the game things to do even after you complete the main storyline, and should definitely be included in this version. This version actually costs money, but I feel cheated because I actually lost quite a few really good features. Another difference between the versions that I thought was interesting is that they changed things about the gameplay. In this version, there is no wait time for upgrades, and magic and long-range weapons can be blocked. I thought these were kind of odd things to change, but aren’t really good or bad I guess.


The game crashes 9/10 times I boot it up, very annoying. Please fix...

I'm really mad

This game is bad for me because it's not capable for iPad mini and I have a iPad mini so please make it capable for iPad mini

Really hard

When I fought a hard level cpu his punches were extremely strong. This game is really hard and I can’t pass the first page. To sum it up you shouldn’t get this game

What’s the deal with titan?

This is a great game I love the unlimited energy and the gem system I’ve already beat the game and I decided to look at the reviews and I got to say titan was not impossible more like insane and hard But people say he’s overpowered but I don’t agree if you having a hard time try different weapons and stuff I beat him with lynx claws so try that


I don’t see the difficulty with Titan. Took me an hour and a half. Really nothing bad I can say about the game!!!

What You Should Know Before Playing

Edited: Had 5 star review with like 3 paragraph review but it was a waste of time. The special edition is suppose have more, but deletes all of the underworld, there is no enchanting, no eclipse mode, and sensei’s story is way too short. Besides, it wasn’t a good backstory anyway. Is was not fun and pretty just fight younger easier bosses. This game is nothing once you kill titan. There is nothing else to do. Very bad and not fun at end of game. Personally enjoyed the experience of playing and not being challenged too harshly, but I don’t want to get shadow fight 2 either. The energy bar really makes me mad because you can’t play when you want to in SF2. And SF3 is really trash. It destroys shadow fights uniqueness. I beat special edition and now I guess I’m moving on to vector. Playing the SF2 series was fun while it lasted.

Better than the Original, but not perfect.

I’m going to get real detailed here, so bring snacks. I played the original shadow fight 2 all the way up to the incubator tournament (then deleted the app to make space and then found I lost my progress when I eventually got it back—also something that doesn’t happen with this version, they save your progress on their servers!) Let’s get right into it. The combat and gameplay is second-to-none. Just like the original shadow fight 2, the game feels (usually) crisp, fluid, and most importantly fun. Unlimited energy is a huge plus. If you’re paying for a game this is exactly what you expect and the game delivers on this front. Progression is accelerated due to the fact that survival now pays in gems. This means that all the previous weapons in SF2 Original that were locked away are now easily obtainable with about 10 minutes of grinding. I’d wager you have about 5 hours of playtime here if you’re good at the game and rush through the story at insane and impossible difficulty, and upwards of 8 if you’re meticulously leveling up every gear and trying all the different weapons. The game has problems though. The first being the huge lack of replay value, lost during the eclipse system of the original game. Once you complete an act, you can do either the survival again or the boss fight ONCE again. The former is a cakewalk since all those ninjas are lower level than you and don’t scale to match in replay mode, and the incentive is further lowered as the pay is generally a full order of magnitude below the next survival area. Replaying a Boss (which you can only do once each boss) gives you their weapon. Their weapons are enchanted, and like every other weapon in the game, the enchantment comes at a fixed power diminishes in value every time you level up. Another feature that’s in the Original that’s been removed for SE. That lack of replay value will become really sour when you get to Titan. You’ll see it in the other reviews too. I thought the other reviewers were being a little wussy about a challenging final boss, but I was wrong. This guy is busted. Even with all the premium gear upgraded to the max level, this guy still tosses you around like a dog with a chew toy (you’d be surprised how accurate that analogy is when you see him). At this state there isn’t much you can do anymore. Most likely you’ve collected all the boss weapons and completed the sensei’s story (which is just 2-3 fights on Normal-Hard as you fight with a Ninja Sword and read some decent expositional dialogue). All you have left to do is survival or duels, neither of which can make your character any stronger. You’ll find that you’re pretty much found all the game has to offer you. If $5 was enough considering (like me) you had a blast while you were playing, then go for this game! I absolutely love it. But if you’re the kind of person reading a review for this game as you’ve never tried shadow fight before... beating Titan is probably not happening and be prepared for an amazing game to end with a whimper instead of a bang.

Doesn’t work right.

The controls are laggy and sometimes even unresponsive, and the hitboxs are inconsistent at best. Save yourself the money and stress.

Fast but less gameplay

This version is amazing, allowing us to get the harder to gain weapons and armor quickly and progress fast. The bad part about it is that the original game has SO MUCH MORE content. The original one is updated frequently and has much more, after defeating Titan I was so glad I beat him and then I realized there was nothing left for me to do except move on to a different game as there is nothing left to do. The original makes you come back for more because it has more like eclipse mode. Shadow fight 2 had been one of my favorite games for such a long time and when I got the special edition I was expecting it to be just like the old one but a bit easier and with allot more things to do but instead I got less play time and half the things to do. It was still fun while it lasted but should be more...

I hate this game

Don’t get it it is a horrible game

Loved it...

It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve been stuck on Titan now, I’ve gotten him down to the last hit on the 5th round, but because of all his unique abilities to knock you down with a headbut, his insanely long ranged attacks with his colossal sword, the ability to knock you down even when you’re blocking, his life steal that replenishes his HP back to full upon the smallest successful hit, hitting you just as or while you’re getting up, broken grab where he can grab you even when you aren’t as close to him, insane HP/regenerative made this boss way over the top and it makes it even harder harder because you can’t even knock him down to give you a chance to breath before attacking again. Thanks for ruining my experience of this game - I don’t wanna move into Shadow Fight 3 because of this. Also yes, I do have maxed out armor and weapons so there isn’t a reason why I shouldn’t be able to beat him. :/

Just play the free version.

While this version does give you unlimited energy and the ability to earn gems through survival mode and other battles, it is lacking content. It is not regularly updated like the free version is, so you cannot enjoy new features like ascensions, raids, or enchantments on any weapons. Personally, I feel undercut. I paid for a special edition. This implies that it adds content to the gameplay, not limit it to a souped up previous version. If the developers are reading this, please work on updating the special edition to include content from the free version. We really enjoy this game, that’s why we bought the special edition. I do like this game and I will re-evaluate my review if an update ever comes by. TLDR: No regular updates like the free version. No reason to buy special edition, when free one offers more.

Best game I have ever plade😂😂😀😎

I love the story line and the action in it also some romance with is rare for a game and you should play this amazing game.!!!

Worth the money

Worth the money! This game is a lot better that the original. I got up to butcher in 2 day.

it’s great

most games don’t feel like a special addition and feels like i lost money. this game is really great and there is plenty of gems i barley played and i used all my gems and got to 70 in about 10min this is a great game

Amazing game

This is one of my favorite games. The one issue with it is that I already beat shadow fight 2 so I have to do all of the grinding for coins again. I don’t mind having to fight the bosses again though, they were fun too

Good, but no replay value.

With all tournaments, challenges, and boss levels (including the op titan) completed, there is no playable modes other than survival. I have all weapons and armors unlocked, and quite a few of them are maxed. I was looking forward to an epilogue or secret chapter of some sort with a whole new variety of unlockable equipments, but it just all ended there. The only think you can do now is just test your arsenal of gear against survival mode AI. The few pros this game has over the free shadow fight 2 are: -no stamina -no ads -easier to get money and gems -different slash sound effects -a small storyline with sensei -permanent seasonal gear This game however removed -eclipse mode -ascension and monk's gear -the ability to enchant your own gear -constant updates -raid bosses and multiplayer!

Certain modes missing

I used to play the Original Shadow fight (which I didn’t finish) but I’m currently playing the special edition and I realized that there is no ascension or Night mode. And I don’t know where this appears (I’m currently starting to just battle wasp) but it doesn’t seem like I can put my own enchantments on weapons with which I’m very upset about. It is not the best of two games combined at all. If the modes above were fixed/put in the game, I would give it two stars.

Fun game

I used to play this all the time. In my opinion it's way better than shadow fight 3 and much more beautiful.

Good game

Way better then Shadow Fight 3

Game not complete

Special edition is insanely relieving, not having to deal with energy, hardly ever having to use survival mode, not worrying about gems, it’s great and easy to get through. However, this feels like a beta, you update the free version and add events to it, but this one doesn’t get special events, it doesn’t have raids, ascension, or enchantments. It doesn’t feel too nice after finishing the game, there’s nothing to do, with the other version there were always new events and raids to do, so that wasn’t too much of a worry, and there was always eclipse too. It leaves an empty feeling, I don’t know if I should regret buying this or not, it should boost the progress of the game, but instead it only makes it a quick play through of an unfinished game, missing so many things in the original, only boosting a part of the game. Like playing Skyrim only for the main quest.

Great game. Titan.....

Okay, this game is great. This is everything I could have ever wanted. Seriously! Shadow fight two while being able to grind gems instead of being forced to pay for them! And the unlimited energy makes it better too! Titan however..... Titan is the hardest thing I have ever beaten. In order to beat Titan, you need to use only the forward kick move. That.Is.It. JUST THE FOWARD KICK MOVE Do it over and over and over and over and eventually you will win. Do note : This will require many tries. You need luck. Good luck.


(Edit) Nvm just beat him Pls nerf titan thx I can’t do anything his lifesteal is so obnoxious... pls fix

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