Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition App Reviews

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The best game in appstore

GREAT Needs More Though

Feels like a premium game indeed..... easy to grind, Sensei story is great, and overall worth the money. Everything’s great needs multiplayer though.... once you finish this game there is nothing you can do.....

Needs updates

Need raids and stuff like the original app

Better then shadow fight 3

Everything is P2w in shadow fight 3

Great game but wouldn’t recommend right now

It’s fun and everything, up until the very end. The final boss is legit impossible to defeat unless you have the best enchantments on all your gear and even then it’s a challenge. Right now, special edition doesn’t have any enchantable items other than the ones you buy with gems. Even then, after you level up the enchantments become so low leveled they’re not even worth it. Not to mention some items available in the regular version isn’t available in the special version, what gives?

Missing a couple things

This is a good game, but I thought that this was gonna be just like the original but without having to grind. I would love to see the raids and eclipse settings implemented.


Hi, I really love this game ❤️☠️🤕🐉 it is so lit🔥🔥🔥 But no eclipse🌑? But what I really wanted to talk about is when you hit a critical hit, you fall? You know? Sometimes he or she will tangle up. That needs to be fixed please

It’s good

Love the story and the game mechanics with weapon designs

No clan!

This game is great game every i play. It will be better if this game have a clan like normal shadow fight2 that will be more fun.

Great fighting game

Graphics are killer hard game to beat but is possible buy up is fair not too greedy good game

Awesome game

This is awesome game

Eclipse Mode and Raids?

Hey Nekki. I have already completed this game and I have run out of things to do. I know in the original game there was an Eclipse mode and multiplayer Raids. Could you please add these features to the Special Edition? Thank you!

Good game- needs an update badly

The story is fine. The fighting is good- except that often when fighting someone better than you they make your character slower so you have to upgrade no matter how good you are. Makes grinding pointless. The worst part of this game for sure is that you cannot play missions you have already completed. This means that there's absolutely no way to track your skill levels progress, which makes it feel like you do not get better. Very stupid.


The game is fun and all but when ever u beat the bosses u can’t do it again without the eclipse that makes it harder it’s just no fun and there’s no raids no eclipse no enchanting no fun at all in the game pls add them

Doesn't work on jailbroken devices

I have a jailbroken iPhone and I paid good money for this and I can't even play it, why do you have to make it not work on jailbroken devices😤

No clans😥 Still good thou 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

I love this game...but there is ONE thing I’m very disappointed about...WHY NO CLANS. I don’t get it this is supposed to be premium, so why does the normal one have clans...BUT THIS ONE DOESENT. I love this game don’t get me wrong...but if you guys could give us clans in this version, I feel like it would be twice as good

Great game but missing a lot from original

First of all, this game is a great deal for the price. I like that there’s no energy or waiting when upgrading. I am wondering why there is no eclipsed mode or ascension? My favorite aspect of this game was the tempest rage. I really hope this gets added to this game because it’s in the original free version of the game.

So Much Better

Shadow Fight 2 was amazing when I first played, however, it took a serious amount of grinding and getting enough coins for upgrades could be a pain since you couldn't just go on survival a lot, because the energy was limited, but in this version, there is no stress about energy, you can find yourself playing for hours. Gems: so much easier to get, in the first version I always regretted spending gems because they were so hard to get, but now they're so common, things are much easier. Sensei's story is very challenging and you can't just win your way through by buying the best gear, which makes it so much fun. I wouldn't mind having to spend $10 on this game if I knew just how good it would be before I got it.

Needs eclipse mode and enchantments

Can’t enchant my weapons and eclipse mode don’t show up

One of the best ever !!!

Excellent in every matter

Great game amazing

Just one little problem...can you add the same feature from the other one to here like raids or the special event..ect This would add in a lot more fun Also this game is way better than the other version. I just started and now i have about 180 gems. No need to wait for time and extra gem rewards this game goes by fast but its still very challenging. This is a game you should get 😁😎


Shadow fight 2 is an amazing mobile fighting game. Can’t wait for Shadow Fight 3


I love this game and decided to buy the paid version but it’s missing so much from the game then free version!!! What kind of crap is that! No underworld, no enhancements of weapons, no nothing! This is a bunch of crap and demand a refund!!!!!


It’s the same thing and it makes you start over from the beginning (WASTE OF MONEY 💰)👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎😡😡😡😢😢so disappointed!!!

The best game

I love this game it's so cool I like to play these because they make happy.


Boss game love it please nerf titan please thank you

"It's so awesome!"

My boys are obsessed with this game! Good quality with no advertisements.

It’s cool

I love everything about it it’s much easier to get gems and it’s still the normal shawdow fight 2 the only problem I really dislike and hate is the new sound they put for weapons I liked the normal sound


I played the first one energy and ads sucked 😾 but I don't need to worry about it now

Great game but...

This is my favorite game of all time but wheres the point where I can enchant my own weapons and enter the eclipse mode? Also raids aren’t here. Is the free version the one that has it only?

Put more content.

I enjoy the game,Unlimted energy,Sensei’s Story,etc.One thing I really want is to add the underworld fights in the original version.For me,I bought this game 2 months ago and I already finish the whole game.So please add more content and adventure for me.👍

Great Game! Really Worth 5 dollars!

In this game it is so much better than the free version because you have unlimited energy and you get gems when you fight sometimes.This game makes it a lot easier to beat than the free version because you can afford more weapons and upgrades.

Pretty cool


Love it~

I really love this version of the game but I was wondering if you were ever going to add the underworld to this version? Also, fix Wasp’s ability to jump and dash at you. That is the most annoying thing ever especially seeing as it’s infinite and the CPU spans it constantly.




I just got it and it's terrible the only people I can fight are lynx's bodyguard and you can't even buy armor or helmets


Can u guys buff titan to where his sword doesn’t do life steal and if he’s gonna keep life steal can you at least make it rare or to where his back hit doesn’t re fill all of his health no offense I like the game but you guys need to fix titan like seriously life steal could that just be the apple or something than if you don’t do that at least make us be able to lvl up to lvl 54 - 6” so we can take down a reasonable amount of health like I have all my stuff fully upgraded to 52 yet I literally do no damage, I’m srry but right now I’m forced to stop playing this game, literally a year ago I broke my tablet because of this game , all I’m asking is that you buff Titan so he’s a little bit weaker because right now he’s overpowered And honestly I’m starting to hate this game I might actual delete it


Even though I have all of my equipment upgraded, the bosses are really hard to beat. I always beat them in the first 2 rounds, then it suddenly decides because full rage mode. When it clearly shows that I hit a boss, supposedly in the game I didn’t and when you fall you take a long time to get up. The boss fight are not really well developed, but overall it’s a really fun & cool game.


This is a great game, but it has a bad bug in the last faction with titan. For me I got to fight 9 in tournament and then I did not level up. The fight is rated hard and I can barely get in a punch. There is no other way to get xp from here and my weapons are maxed out. What a shame😭

Was something removed

For some reason I have gotten to wasp now and I still can’t do raids and fight in eclipse mode the weirdest thing is the raid button the arched doorway at the bottom of the screen was there before I beat lynx and after a while it just disappeared please fix this thank you


Good game but it seems like most fights give the opponent the upper hand. Got to Titan and it is pretty much impossible.

I love this game,but there’s one problem

Shadow fight 2 has been one of my favorite mobile games of all time, and I liked it so much I bought the special addition, but there’s just one problem; The game asks to download the same content too much. I’ll download it, even though I play it usually without WiFi, and then I’ll close the app and come back later when I finish playing. And once I come back, it asks for the same things to download. It happened to me in the the original one, and I bought the special edition with some hope it wouldn’t do that, but it did. It’s a recurring issue that actually drives me away from playing the game, and I think it’s taking my memory every time I download the same content. I hope you guys can fix it, because once again, this is one of my favorite mobile games of all time, and I’m exited for the third one.

It's good but..

PLZZZ add a mode where you can redo the bosses again becuase I have been waiting ages to fight shot gun again (it's a epic battle)

Amazing but no multiplayer

Absolutely beautiful game but with a with a huge missed opportunity. DEVS PLEASE READ THIS: Adding a multiplayer system (Similar to Clash Royale with something like trophies and the higher you are each win gives you more gold.) Add Clans and a 2v2 fighting.

A confused question

Hi I love your game and everything there is one thing that I am not sure if it is just me or not so in the original version there were raids and I’m not sure if it wasn’t implemented yet into special edition or it’s just my phone, I would love to know if someone can get back to me on that. But other then that I love this game to much and I hope I get to see raids and the eclipse setting with the sun. Thank you!

Great game

Great graphics

Great game

Honestly one of the best mobile apps out there. Runs smoothly and has good game dynamics. The animation and art style is attractive and the game is in all an 5 star game.

Improved but flawed fighter

The game itself is frantic fast fighting that’s easy to learn but hard to master. Controls are okay but you can find your character doing things you don’t want them doing but not that often. Also the lack of external controller support is disappointing. The coin/gem economy is rebalanced in a way that makes either grinding for either or paying seem viable and fair and the lack of energy and commercials is worth the price of admission. However, I just beat it and I’m noticing there isn’t as much endgame content. Also experiencing some bugs where my seals and perks won’t show up in the status screen. There are also some other small glitches that need patching but this is still a worthwhile RPG/Fighter.

Its cool

Its a really cool game, I like it a lot, but at the end shoguns armor is too over powered

Actually feels like a premium game

Sometimes games where you pay don't actually offer you something just for buying it- which is fine, but when it plays like a free game and there really is no difference except for an exclusive skin or something it gets irritating. This is a great follow up. The whole gameplay is still shadowfight 2, but with more. First of all, you have no energy. This allows you to actually play, instead of waiting. Additionally, gems are much easier to obtain. You are pretty much guaranteed around 8 gems every survival run, and that's only because I usually don't finish the entire run. Because there is no longer an energy restriction, now you can just power through many survival games and upgrade your gear much quicker than before, where you had to sit around and come back later. Also, the new events are actually good, unlike other games where they are basically pointless.

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