Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition App Reviews

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Great but a few suggestions

1. Bring kid back 2. Add raids plz I'm lonely 3. Bring eclipse back. Those were my suggestions. I beat Titan. So I really want raids back. Please write back to me and thank you.❤️

Titan Is Just Too Hard

Without some features like customizable enchantment and premium equipments, titan is just impossible. Some of his skill just won’t be defeated by skill alone, raw stats and enchantments are required to beat him. This just shows how such a wonderful game, can be ruined by micro-transaction even when they are removed, some of the game play balance originally designed to drive players toward spending money was merely bearable before the final boss fight, but titan was the last nail in the coffin for this game. If me, someone who constantly defeat enemies at “insane” difficulty aren’t able to defeat titan, I don’t imagine many people will be able to have a fun time trying to defeat titan.

Terrible game

The whole game is trash


You can’t upgrade the enchantments :/ An update that adds them would be nice

Boss is too hard

I cant beat Titan. Everything else is great.


This game is awesome, but I’m concerned can anyone tell me if you get to be Titan and fight the bodyguards again if not I’ll cry because I feel so cheated

Great game,just needs raids,but shields are 10% higher.

I recommend raids but add 10% more shield to the raid bosses and also we can use special weapons and can u add the events like Halloween spring valentines and Christmas please.


I will let the game speak for itself, if you like the original, this one is just as good. Nekki. TITAN NEEDS TO BE FIXED. I have spent countless hours screaming in frustration and anger because he is impossible. Fix this, then easy five stars, but ruining the end of the game? Not cool

There should be ninja clans

This game is fun only if it had clans and packs it would be much fun and vs. online players

I love shadow fight but one problem

It need better weapons and armor

Where is the eclipse?

I love the game and completed it in a week, but I am disappointed that the eclipse mode is not here. Please add eclipse.


First of all the game was amazing the fact that you can also earn gems by finishing levels are so great Also can you guys like add an option where can you start a new game plus cause i got nothing to do after I finished the game?!

Almost Perfect

Few few few bugs, runs smoothly, just one problem. No multiplayer mode, no underworld boss fights! That would earn a 5 star from me, thank you, Nekki! Ya’ll are amazing at what you do.

Tell me why

I don’t know why,i can’t knock the weapon off mephisto’s hand :/

Needs to be updated

The game is not fully updated to the original shadow fight 2 and that makes it impossible to beat titan with these bad enchantments the game does not have enchantment stones and it needs an update you’re better off getting the regular version if you want to beat the game completely

Amazing Game!

At first, I didn’t expect this game to be all that good, but after watching some videos of it and playing it, the game series of Shadow Fight is absolutely amazing.

Shadow fight special edition

This game has annoyed me so much and I honestly think you should never buy this game. It will only make you very mad

Amazing game

This game is amazing how to demons change how there’s new magic and weapons just wow!


Very well done game very good story and etc.

Only real fighting game on the AppStore.

When all of the other games are simple tap-fests, pay-to-wins, or clones of another’s decency, feel free to come and try the only game that has satisfied my fighting game need.

Very sad and happy

I miss being able to play in the underworld please add it again .Nekki .other than that no need to buy gems and the no ads makes it more fun also please add the puppeteer back that is all.

Great game

Ever since I downloaded the original game it was ehh before but now this is the greatest game ever

The Incomplete Game

This game feels great to play. I’ve finished the game twice and am in the middle of playing it again. It is quite possibly one of the best games I’ve played. But... (You knew there’d be a but) There are a few things that I think were not quite worth the amount of money I paid... Firstly, I was a little disappointed about how the raids were taken out, as well as how the enchantments were removed. Additionally I was sad at how there were no offers and events included in the update. Lastly, I was left a bit unsatisfied in the end with that cliffhanger with the sphere and stuff. I liked the fact that gems were much easier to come by. I also like the sensei story. Nice job Nekki. I think you should be proud😉👍👍


Can you please add the underworld it’s so unsatisfying without it I don’t mean to be rude but can you just add it.

I like it but it needs more

Ok I like the game and a lot about it but the regular shadow fight has clan and underworld battles and features so if you can, will you add those underworld,keys,clan features to this edition


Best game ever


90% of the weapons are just different skins witch is very annoying still the game is really cool

Invisible seals

Can you please fix this bug?

Fix Titan ASAP!

I would give this game five stars, but I can’t due to Titan. Why don’t you make him less overpowered because he is annoying. I’m deleting the game until you fix him.

The best of shadow fight, needs an update.

This is gold in a coal mine. Everything about it is glorious. No energy. Gems after every battle, and the old wounds storyline puts everything in a new light. but it needs enchantment, and eclipse mode. I can go without raids and ascension, but if you can’t even enchant your own items, you have to use whatever weapon has that enchantment on it. This bothers me because I love the time bomb enchantment, but everything that it comes pre-enchanted on is short range and slow. I prefer the faster, longer weapons, bu I can’t have them with my favorite enchantment. Other that that, this is a jewel of a game, worth every cent.

Really fun, make it your number 1 option

I really like this game because there’s this thing about it that’s really good . What I’m trying to say is I LOVE this game

Awful update

What was the point in updating the game if you weren’t going to fix your broken difunctional over powered end game boss that 80% of the players have been complaining about? Are you blind? Do you not play your own game? Fix Titan!!!

I hope they add more content in this version

No enchantment, ascension, no underworld...makes beating titan so much harder, and once you beat him there’s literally nothing to do. And to the people who can’t beat titan, use a weapon that hits very fast, like tonfas, and use the last magic in the shop(the one with lifesteal enchantment), it does a ton of damage if used correctly. Shogun’s katana might also work because its enchantment makes it do good damage. But for me it gives titan too much space to make his move.

Wow the AI have learned some tricks

Ok umm I understand this game is supposed to be hard but what made you think the idea to make the ai able to spam smart? In gates of shadows Lynx throws repetitively. And when I can’t get in the edges hermit will stay there and just throw..that’s it and he also had infinite energy...and wasp....was she can fly from wall to wall and deal damage....great way to make users give reviews like this...also I’m a little concerned about shogun when I was battling his friends did more work than’s just he’s a samurai he should know I’m just saying...pretty messed up show ai how they need to act.

I could only fight the first bodyguard and that’s it

I played the regular shadow fight 2 and there was a whole bunch of other fights to do and earn money, now I’m just stuck with Lynx’s second bodyguard who one hit ko’s and there’s nothing i can do about it

Very fun but slows down and becomes boring

This game is really fun and has amazing animations and tense fights but as you get farther in the game it really feels like the developers ran out of ideas and added in padding to lengthen the game. Sometimes you are forced to do ridiculous challenges to enough in- game money to upgrade your gear to be able to fight and it the game really suffers. Overall fun but suffers from bad pacing and sometimes boring tasks.

Great game but...

I defeated everything even titan and after that it said there is some underworld but I can't access it I would give it 5 stars but I can't because of this. Please fix.🙂

All Great Games End With This Flaw

The special edition to Shadow Fight 2 is amazing, I’ll admit. Getting to use weapons I dreamed of using, the glory of infinite energy, an exclusive story, all in a nice bundle for some pocket change. However, like the really good games like Undertale, the final boss is just unbeatable. The fact that enchantments do not level up proportionately with your player level, magic and ranged weapons can be blocked, normal gear cannot be enchanted at all, it makes Titan impossible to beat. Along with the lifesteal that feels a lot stronger than it was in the original game, I would have rated this game at 3 stars if it weren’t for the ability to farm gems so easily. If you can update this special edition, tone Titan down and bring enchantments back, so we don’t have to lose our pride in having Titan steal all his health back in one hit.

Left out features

I would rate 5 stars if they added all the features in free version

Titan is frustrating

Everything else is fine, Titan is just really frustrating to beat. Maybe it’s supposed to feel satisfying after months of trying to re-match Titan you’ve finally won the game, and that’s it’s biggest drawback with it. Nothing really wrong about his size and his health, but he’s seriously way too overpowered...Even with all the updated gear, it ridiculous on how much power you gave him. I’m going to take down this review if I do end up finally beating him, but until then, at least update this game more and make Titan more manageable.

Needs additional stuff

This game is better than the free one. But here are somethings to fix 1. Take out the gems and coins in store You don’t actually need it if you can get coins and gems so easily 2. Add monk That I was seriously hoping for because in the free one I had limited energy and I was bad at it. 3. Underworld I really miss the bosses and being in clans 4. Bosses armor Butcher, widow, shogun, and wasp we do’nt have there armor in the store. Please like have a set for aloof gems. 100 gems per costume of what tier they are in. For example shogun is 600 gems because he is in tier 6. And wasp for 400 because she is in tier 4. You see? 5. Able to buy full sets. So if I’m wanting the Halloween set (witch hat, cloak, scythe, batarangs?) it should be a certain amount for what tier it is in. 6. Have chests (like shadow fight 3) For the great looking armor ad weapons there should be chests. Like the blood something in tier 1 is a legendary, then the robe knife’s would be in a common.

Great game

Nuff said


Awesome game loved and the challenges

Need update for iPhone X

It crashes frequently on my device

This game is great, but I do have one question.

After finally finishing the game and beating titan all I have to say is that this is still one of my favourite games to play and it is easily one of the best games made for the mobile platform. I am wondering if the special edition will eventually become like the regular shadow fight 2 where there are boss raids and new demons, I would really like this along with many others. There is also a minor glitch where you can see the seals or the eternal sphere in the menu. But other than that thank you for making such a great game

Update plz

When I go into to upgrade or get a new move at the bottom of the screen in the menu it completely freezes

Needs update

I have played shadow fight 2 for a long time, and one day it got corrupted so I decided it would be better to play the special edition starting from level one instead. I noticed and was disappointed to find that this game is missing many of the features that make the free version great. There is no ascension or enchanting. It feels like a half finished game, with fights either being too hard or easy. I also thought that shadow fight 3 might be great, but turns out to be a cash grab. Sensei’s story is a joke, consisting of 3 fights per level. While I cannot deny how fast you progress, it leaves you with nothing to do in the end. Right now it is inferior to the free version, and leaves me infuriated because I no longer have the time and progress I put into the free version update and bring in all the new features and this game would easily a better version, but right now it is a waste of $5. I really wanted to like this game.

Annoying bug

Gameplay is good when it decides to work which is 5% of the time the other 95% of the time i am not able to get past the intro screen save your time and money dont buy


Why don’t enchantments have affect on any of the bosses??? That’s cheap yo -_-

This Is Incomplete

The game has most of the features from the original SF2. However, there are three things from the original that need to be implemented in this version. 1) Enchantments This was a feature that gave players a TON of variety. It allows players to apply enchantments to gear that had none, and it gave us the ability to have a bit more customization in our builds. 2) Eclipse Mode This was essentially the game’s “hard mode”. It gives players the opportunity to replay past parts of the game whilst giving them a fresh, fun challenge. Overall, Eclipse Mode gave the game plenty of replay value. 3) Raid Mode This especially needed to be in this version of the game! It helps connect players, and it made the game a lot more fun! Aside from those, another thing that should be included in the Special Edition should be a multiplayer PvP mode (local and online). The magic from the bosses (especially the teleport) and the sawblade weapon should be obtainable as well. Sorry if it seems like a bit much to ask for, but this “Special Edition” doesn’t seem so special when it is missing various features that the free version has, and it makes no sense for certain weapons and magic to only be usable by NPC’s. The game is good right now, but these things would make the game great.

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