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Dear Developers, It’s AWESOME... well let me just cut straight to the point, it’s awesome and all that but the AI seems to block too much, they also seem to be very dominant over the player wouldn’t when using skills. But believe me I’m not a bad player pretty good, it’s just that the AI seems to have very dominant matter over the player I think you’ll be a good idea to re-write some code and turn down the AI some. But other than that this game is amazing just off the charts awesome. Thanks for listening, Dedicated Player

10 out of 10 would play again

Good game

Not fair

Great game but you do not get to enchant like you can in the other and when I am at a boss it glitch’s so I do not win. WHY THE*******DOES SHOTGUN HAVE OTHER PEOPLE COME INTO THE GAME IT IS NOT have a GOOD day. One star

I like this game a lot but there’s something’s you need to add

Enchantments Raids Eclipse mode More storyline after titan so longer game which is more fun in my opinion Titan nerf he keeps spamming his head but ability over and over again And that thing were you could get like the boxes to get like the monk set and such Overall I love the game but I can say the same for all of us that this is what needs to be added. Thanks in advanced

Unfair boss battle

The boss battle was unfair. Too unfair.

Love this game rod death

I see a lot of “Titan is too overpowered” or “Titan can’t be beaten” but I beat him with some hard work and piecing the puzzle together, I personally used protectors headgear and the half-life armor with the torturers rage, shoguns sword, and demons wing and it was a hard but attainable win I love this game it’s the best and it was definetley worth the 5$ though one thing is I can’t figure out how to get the echlipse from the regular shadowfight 2 or is that not in game yet? Please let me know and keep up the great work

Great game, bad glitch

I love the game, made it all the way to the end with the fight with Titan. The only issue is... any weapon that I’ve already bought I cannot get to lvl 52. Considering I’d bought most of the weapons as I played, there are very few weapons I can fight Titan with and it’s very frustrating. I can’t use any of my favorites. I don’t know why it happened and it seems as though no one else has had this issue but it’s bothersome.

amazing game buuuut....

please add raids and night mode!

Don’t buy the developers deceive you

Ok so here is what the developers of this game don’t tell you before you spend the money, this game is not Shadow Fight 2 , it’s an unfinished version of it that’s a a massive cash grab. You miss critical features from the free to play shadow fight 2 but they DON’T TELL YOU that you’re spending money to get LESS FEATURES...I spent an hour figuring out if my game is broken just to find out you CANT ENCHANT in special edition.. are you kidding me?? And there is no end game features... at all.. zero.. zip.. nada, nothing to do when you beat it, and you don’t get eclipse mode, essentially you are getting robbed here on a major amount of content, and the developers are so crooked and unethical that they on purpose can’t even tell you that you’re paying for an unfinished version of the game.

Too hard

The bosses are to hard to beat and the sensei path is super hard to complete please make it easier

Awesome game!!!

I loved the game, I completed the hole story and upgraded all the equipment to level 52 (max) and I would love to rate this game 5 stars if the compact sword was the strongest sword with bleeding 2000 and time bomb 2000 and life steel 2000 so it would be a little easier to beat the Titan. It took me 3 days to beat the Titan because I couldn’t find a good weapon. I would like the compact sword to be the strongest and the most OP sword in shadow fight 2 and I love the fact that’s it’s easy to get a lot of gems

Great game

Awesome game! Just defeated titan, for anyone having trouble with him try the blaster tonfas best weapon against him imo. Probably the best mobile game I’ve played definitely deserves that 5 Star rating!

Titan is stupidly overpowered

I have all level 52 gear, yet titan barely takes any damage. My armor is the strongest in the game, yet I get half my health sapped in one hit. I’ve had titan 2 seconds from dying before, when he glitches around and grab headbutts me and I die. I’d like to give the game five stars, but the final boss is ridiculously overpowered.

Add Support to the Minority

You guys need to add support for jailbroken devices. Add security to your purchases of course but don't discriminate. Jailbreaking is legal. I pay $5 for a game I can't play. This is garbage and a waste of money and time.


The game is better at first I admit, but it’s not worth the losses. You can’t enchant things, go in the night eclipse mode, and you can’t do the underworld tournaments.

This game is Great but...

All we need are raids in the special edition. 😂 I would end up having to spend too much money on the original version just to get a weapon i want to use

Want to give 5 stars buuuuut

Titan is way too strong, bottom line. There’s no weapon that gives you even a slight advantage against him and too many of his moves break your block. Not only that, but his block breaker moves true-combo into sword moves that heal his health to the max instantly. Every boss feels fair with their own little quirks but Titan is just unfair. Please nerf him, that would be of huge benefit the game. The controls are great, the animations are fluid, and the weapons are satisfying to use but titan is a rotten egg among a sea of gold. Please fix that

Wayyyyy easy until suddenly it’s not

This game was suuuper easy! Straight up I powered through from the beginning until the very final boss losing only 22 matches. Plus I could almost guaranteed beat people on “impossible” difficulty. But the final boss is so overpowered. His stupid headbutt move can go so fast that while you are in the middle of swinging pretty much any weapon you will get knocked down. Another thing is that critical hits don’t knock him down but pretty much everything he does knocks you down. Kinda dumb not gonna lie.

It was fun

It’d be better if we could have multiplayer, otherwise the game is repetitive and boring

Invisible seals

Can you please fix this bug?

Jailbrake error

I’ve been trying so hard to bought this game! Since Dollar price is so high for my country! I like shadow fight 2 a lot. So I save my money to buy this game! And after bought this game, the sentence “This device has jailbrake detected” and Can’t open anymore! And I didn’t even jailbraked my device!!!!! Could please help me with that? I’m so sad that I paid for my wish and I didn’t happened! Thank you :’(

Had game

I was stuck when I was about to restor the process

The best fighting game

The gameplay is incredibly customizable when it comes to weapons there all in a way there own unique tool


Great 10/10


This game is so cool I love it to pieces I just love it so much I’ve beaten the game and it was amazing good job 😁👌👍

Great but a few suggestions

1. Bring kid back 2. Add raids plz I'm lonely 3. Bring eclipse back. Those were my suggestions. I beat Titan. So I really want raids back. Please write back to me and thank you.❤️

Titan Is Just Too Hard

Without some features like customizable enchantment and premium equipments, titan is just impossible. Some of his skill just won’t be defeated by skill alone, raw stats and enchantments are required to beat him. This just shows how such a wonderful game, can be ruined by micro-transaction even when they are removed, some of the game play balance originally designed to drive players toward spending money was merely bearable before the final boss fight, but titan was the last nail in the coffin for this game. If me, someone who constantly defeat enemies at “insane” difficulty aren’t able to defeat titan, I don’t imagine many people will be able to have a fun time trying to defeat titan.

Terrible game

The whole game is trash


You can’t upgrade the enchantments :/ An update that adds them would be nice

Boss is too hard

I cant beat Titan. Everything else is great.


This game is awesome, but I’m concerned can anyone tell me if you get to be Titan and fight the bodyguards again if not I’ll cry because I feel so cheated

Great game,just needs raids,but shields are 10% higher.

I recommend raids but add 10% more shield to the raid bosses and also we can use special weapons and can u add the events like Halloween spring valentines and Christmas please.


I will let the game speak for itself, if you like the original, this one is just as good. Nekki. TITAN NEEDS TO BE FIXED. I have spent countless hours screaming in frustration and anger because he is impossible. Fix this, then easy five stars, but ruining the end of the game? Not cool

There should be ninja clans

This game is fun only if it had clans and packs it would be much fun and vs. online players

I love shadow fight but one problem

It need better weapons and armor

Where is the eclipse?

I love the game and completed it in a week, but I am disappointed that the eclipse mode is not here. Please add eclipse.

Almost Perfect

Few few few bugs, runs smoothly, just one problem. No multiplayer mode, no underworld boss fights! That would earn a 5 star from me, thank you, Nekki! Ya’ll are amazing at what you do.

Tell me why

I don’t know why,i can’t knock the weapon off mephisto’s hand :/

Needs to be updated

The game is not fully updated to the original shadow fight 2 and that makes it impossible to beat titan with these bad enchantments the game does not have enchantment stones and it needs an update you’re better off getting the regular version if you want to beat the game completely

Amazing Game!

At first, I didn’t expect this game to be all that good, but after watching some videos of it and playing it, the game series of Shadow Fight is absolutely amazing.

Shadow fight special edition

This game has annoyed me so much and I honestly think you should never buy this game. It will only make you very mad

Amazing game

This game is amazing how to demons change how there’s new magic and weapons just wow!


Very well done game very good story and etc.

Only real fighting game on the AppStore.

When all of the other games are simple tap-fests, pay-to-wins, or clones of another’s decency, feel free to come and try the only game that has satisfied my fighting game need.

Very sad and happy

I miss being able to play in the underworld please add it again .Nekki .other than that no need to buy gems and the no ads makes it more fun also please add the puppeteer back that is all.

Great game

Ever since I downloaded the original game it was ehh before but now this is the greatest game ever

The Incomplete Game

This game feels great to play. I’ve finished the game twice and am in the middle of playing it again. It is quite possibly one of the best games I’ve played. But... (You knew there’d be a but) There are a few things that I think were not quite worth the amount of money I paid... Firstly, I was a little disappointed about how the raids were taken out, as well as how the enchantments were removed. Additionally I was sad at how there were no offers and events included in the update. Lastly, I was left a bit unsatisfied in the end with that cliffhanger with the sphere and stuff. I liked the fact that gems were much easier to come by. I also like the sensei story. Nice job Nekki. I think you should be proud😉👍👍


Can you please add the underworld it’s so unsatisfying without it I don’t mean to be rude but can you just add it.

I like it but it needs more

Ok I like the game and a lot about it but the regular shadow fight has clan and underworld battles and features so if you can, will you add those underworld,keys,clan features to this edition

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